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Fenestrated Headpad (Circle 100mm )

Multiply tissue headpad with a 100mm circle cutout
$134.46 *
In stock

X Cut Chiropractors Headpad (5x100)

Mutiply tissue headpad with an X-cutout in centre

$72.61 *
In stock

Rediwipe Isopropyl Canisters(12x75)

A premixed solution (70% Isopropyl) moistens a strong non woven cloth


The solution is an effective disinfectant on hard  clean surfaces


Colour : White

Material : Non Woven

Sheet Size :14x42cm

Canister 75 wipes

Case 12 canisters



$71.01 *
In stock

Rediwipe Bio Bamboo based fibre (8x70)

Absorbent sheet designed to cleaning and wiping

  • Nom. 300 x 330mm 
  • Packed 8 x 70 sheets
  • Extremely Low Linting
  • Soft & Silky
  • Bamboo based absorbent fibre
  • No Plastics or binders 
  • Packaging Fully Recyclable
  • Cut and Packed in Australia
$59.66 *
In stock

Rediwipe Silk White (8x100)

Perfect for wiping applicable which requires softness, purity and strength

Applications range from baby wipes, cosmetic wipes to industrial and institutional wipes

  • Soft and Silky
  • A binder-free cloth manufactured from carefully selected raw materials and manufactured in Australia
  • High Absorbency
  • Low Linting
  • Self dispensing carton
  • Nom. 300 x 330mm 
  • Packed 8 x 100 sheets
  • Extremely Low Linting
  • Packaging fully recyclable
  • Cut and Packed in Australia
$63.36 *
In stock

1200x800 mm Ultrasoft Disposable Towel Large (6x10)

A cost effective towel for handy and body.

Cloth like feel and appearance.

Absorbent, quick drying, washable.

$77.03 *
In stock

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11 - 16 of 16 results