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Food Service

Food grade papers, cleaning materials, baking papers, absorbent pads & wipers


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Hydrowipe 380x400mm (4x100)

A soft, absorbent and low linting blue coloured cloth

Nom. 380x 400mm
Packed 4 x 100 sheets

Constructed  by a unique hydro-entangling process which uses thousands of high-pressure, needle-like jets of water to entangle the fibres into a Sontara fabric.

Fully recyclable
Cut and Packed in Australia


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Gold/Silver 142x210mm Rounded Corners Pure Kraft Board 890um Wrapped (4x100)

Designed for food packaging by using pure virgin pulp kraft inner plies rather than recycled fibre.
Superior stiffness and moisture holdout from virgin kraft fibre.
Manufactured in Australia under HACCP, GMP and ISO9001:2008 certification
Virgin Fibre is used in this product as heavy metals eg: Mercury,Cadmium and Lead are common in recycled boards.
Heavy Metals bind readily to fats and oils in cheese ,fish and meats

$210.00 *
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This product is subject to a possible delivery delay of up to 2 days.

Rediwipe White Classic (8x100)

Absorbent sheet designed to cleaning and wiping

  • Nom. 300 x 330mm 
  • Packed 8 x 100 sheets
  • Extremely Low Linting
  • Packaging Fully Recyclable
  • Cut and Packed in Australia
$64.15 *
In stock

Rediwipe Isopropyl Canisters(12x75)

A premixed solution (70% Isopropyl) moistens a strong non woven cloth


The solution is an effective disinfectant on hard  clean surfaces


Colour : White

Material : Non Woven

Sheet Size :14x42cm

Canister 75 wipes

Case 12 canisters



$71.01 *
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